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They arrive early in the Morning

while we are still sleeping

to WARM up the Grill

& start Roasting & Creating

all our Fabulous Meals

Mariah's Westwind Restaurant


.....Kitchen Staff.....

Fernando is our "newbie" at around Three Years...But anyone who has tasted one of his Fine Dinners knows we wouldn't want to do without him!

His Beef Stroganoff is a Favorite!

We just think Fresh is BETTER!

Terry has used the same EGG Ranch since the late 70's from her old


delivered FRESH from the Farm

& California SEFS Compliant....

We never crack an EGG until YOU Order it !


.....Our Food.....


For spring’s quick and easy meals, buy the freshest in-season fruits and vegetables you can find. The artisanal and organic produce available at many farmers markets produce exceptionally flavorful salads, slaws, frittatas and desserts.

After 28 years  Mario  has moved away

to start a NEW Family...

He will be missed !

We would be nowhere without our COOKS!

Gus,  Mario,

 Alonso ( Lalo ) & his brother Gilberto

( alias Toca ) have all been with us

for OVER 20 years!!